Hit ’em with another one..

Hit ’em with another one..

Stranglehold and Tha New Gods join forces to produce another anthem track:

F O R    F A R    T O O    L O N G


On the flip side of the collaborative coin, SlyFoxThaGod hops on a powerful track from GR!P to reinforce the obvious: hiphop thrives in the underground.

Only a couple months after they’re last heavyweight release (Champion), the next installment in the dedicated hiphop franchise has hit the public from a boombox near you!


Stay tuned, and show some love here:

GR!P / Soundcloud / Instagram / Twitter
SlyFoxThaGod / Soundcloud / Instagram
k/utch / Soundcloud / Twitter



Oh, and you’re in luck….

efc5cfdfabf790c58e1acf288fb5ccacMore tracks to cop,  F R E E  from the Soundbank



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