Free Gold

Free Gold

Introducing the newest project with the SH seal –

the   I T ‘ S   G O L D  EP  is now live, and worth it’s weight in bars!

Grab your free copy here:

T   R   A   C   K   L   I   S   T

k/ 01 – ” G O N E ” – GR!P (Prod. TayBeats)



k/ 02 – “ S A N D M A N ” – GR!P (Prod. WestEndStacks)



k/ 03 – “ B L E S S E D ” – GR!P (Prod. beRRyBeatz)



k/ 04 – “ R E F L E C T I O N S ” – GR!P (Prod. Visions)



k/ 05 – “ H O L L O W ” – GR!P ft. SlyFoxThaGod (Prod. SlyFoxThaGod)



k/ 06 – “ F O R G I V E N ” – GR!P (Prod. Visions)



It’s Gold


Beats by:

TayBeats, beRRyBeats, SlyFoxThaGod, & Visions

Vocals by:

GR!P & SlyFoxThaGod

Recording & Vocal Processing by:



And, of course, thanks to all the loyal support from our SH crew and fans along the way!

We’re grateful for the love and commitment building up this milestone.

That being said, the best has yet to come – so stay tuned!


The latest and greatest from your boy, gr!ppy gold!


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The best has yet to come; and is already in motion.